How to use Android apps from your Mac [Full Guide]


There are some weeks Bluestack developers have made available the final version of their Android emulator on Mac. For less experienced users, here is the procedure to install the application.

Bluestack, The emulator, has the exceptionality to work with remote servers, which means that the application is launched on a remote machine and broadcast on your Mac. Service close to what offers and PlayStation Now service allows playing games PS4 since its PS Vita. With this technology, it is unnecessary to have a large configuration to play or access intensive applications. Nevertheless, a good Internet connection will be needed to enjoy the service. Good point, the application is entirely free, and the publisher claim compatibility with 96% of Android applications and 86% of games. Now to install the system on your Macintosh. Note that the application works perfectly on the latest beta version of OSX El Capitan.

Download BlueStacks

Visit the website to download the emulator. Just click “Download for Mac.”

Once downloaded, open the archive, then double click to start the installation of the emulator. You can also drag the application directly into the “Applications” folder.

During the first launch, you will need to choose whether to have access to Google Play and the communication between applications.

Once this step clicks “Install” to begin the installation of the emulator. At the end of it, the emulator will start automatically.

Configure your Google Account

To download your favourite applications, it is necessary to link a Google account. To do this, click on the “All Applications,” available in the “Recently Played.” Once on this page, click on the application “Settings Bluestack” (with the cogwheel icon)

Settings are complete. You can change the language and input method. Here, only the category “Manage Accounts” interests us: click it and select “Google” to add your Google Account. You will then be possible to enjoy the application store.

Note that during our test, the physical keyboard was not very well taken care of (key undetected deletion). You can activate the virtual keyboard Android to resolve the concern or use keyboard shortcuts. For example, to disable the capital, just press ⌥ + ⇧

Install applications from the Google Play

To install applications from Google Play, it is necessary to search and then click on “Search (Game)” to access the store. Unfortunately, the Play Store is not directly accessible through an icon on the home.

Access to Play Store is full, and you are accessing the same categories as on your smartphone or Android tablet.

For our test, we decided to start a small part on the new title of Bethesda, Fallout Shelter, fresh out on Android. The installation was painless, although it was necessary to install the latest Google Play Games version to start the title.

The gaming experience is very good, similar to that of a Samsung Galaxy S6. The emulator well supports the zoom with a pinch on the trackpad. Nevertheless, through the application’s full screen, you can see the pixels reasonably quickly. We advise you to keep the emulator window mode to enjoy the graphics.

Google Now works too well. It is possible to access all of your cards. Using voice search also works.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use an alternative launcher. Indeed, at the launch of the launcher from Google, the system indicates that it is necessary to disable the application launcher’s default settings. Off, the function is not available on the launcher set up by the developers. Too bad for those who wish to find an experience close to their smartphone.

The emulator also detects the camera; still, some latency is present. It is necessary to export your layout to Facebook or Twitter to retrieve it, especially as the system will automatically delete your photograph after leaving the camera. But it may be convenient for users to Snapchat, for example.

You will notice the low quality of the camera of the MacBook Air …

Bluestack, The emulator, can be the right solution for users who want to enjoy an application or a service not available on Mac OS. The experience is quite close to Android, despite some limitations put in place by the developers to review and perform on some applications. Other solutions exist to emulate the little green robot on your Mac, as Genymotion, or yet the solution implemented by Google itself for those wishing to emulate Android on OSX. Full Guides


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